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High Quality Detector Ear Detection Pen Ear Detector Acupuncture Pen Ear Acupoint Diagnosis for Ear Auriculotherapy

High Quality Detector Ear Detection Pen Ear Detector...

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Size: 220

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: YL-44

Material: ABS

Item Type: Ear Care

The acupoints of the auricles are the places where the meridians of the human body meet, and correspond
to the internal and external meridians of the whole body. When a human body develops a lesion, it tends to
have a change in electrical characteristics (called a positive reflection point) in a certain acupuncture point
of the auricle. This instrument can be used to identify a positive reflection point, and the light shows the vari
ous conditions of the body, and the ear can be immediately performed. Body acupuncture treatment is defi
nitely a multi-purpose instrument that combines auricular acupoint diagnosis and treatment.
* Press it to light, check the accuracy, point is accurate, no needle
* One-time, home quick-acting acupuncture
* Auxiliary diagnosis of physical condition, lighting to show physical condition
* Helps identify the acupuncture point treatment points and improve the curative effect
* Multi-purpose options: ear acupuncture, auricular treatment, body acupuncture treatment,
* Wide treatment range and high inspection accuracy
* Flexible, easy to carry, no power supply (use 4 ordinary 7 batteries)
1. Detection function: Open the switch to the "detection" part (forward). Use the same ear detector (using a
small head probe).
2, treatment function: (using a large head probe)
(1) Open the switch to the "treatment" area (backward) and insert the conductive rod. Use your index finger
to turn the treatment power dial counterclockwise to the "0" position. The conductive rod is held by the patie
nt. If the left acupuncture point is treated, the conductive rod is held by the left hand. If the right acupuncture
point is treated, the conductive rod is held by the right hand.
(2) Hand-held acupoint therapy device, the index finger presses the therapeutic electric pulse button, and th
e middle finger adjusts the therapeutic power turntable, and the clockwise direction is slowly adjusted until
the stimulation intensity is moderate, and each hole is treated for 1-5 minutes. Adjusting the amount of elec
trical pulse varies depending on the sensitivity of the acupoints per person. Please adjust according to the le
vel of personal acceptance.
(3) Do acupuncture treatment using a small head probe for body acupuncture treatment, using a large head
probe. It can be treated directly at the positive reaction point or the corresponding acupoint.
(4) After the treatment is completed, push the switch forward to the middle to shut down.
1. When treating each acupuncture point, it is not advisable to stay for a long time, otherwise it will cause sm
all blisters or small red spots. Avoid treating the face (except for ear acupuncture) and acupuncture points n
ear the heart.
2, must be explained with the patient before treatment, when the micro-current through the acupoints during
treatment, there will be acid, hemp, swelling, pain and other feelings, such as the effect of acupuncture, so th
at patients have enough psychological preparation.
3, the use of electroacupuncture treatment is strictly prohibited with the use of cardiac pacemakers and other
medical electronic devices for transplantation, do not use in the heart, pregnant women and critically ill patient
s are strictly prohibited.
4. Do not use in high humidity or sleeping in the bathroom.
5. Do not use on areas where the skin is red, swollen or damaged.

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High Quality Detector Ear Detection Pen Ear Detector Acupuncture Pen Ear Acupoint Diagnosis for Ear Auriculotherapy Prezzo scontato$121.98 Prezzo $136.99