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Dual-System 4K Video Game Console TV Game Player Wireless Gamepad Built in 40000+ Games 128G TV Box Support NDS/PS1/PSP/N64

Dual-System 4K Video Game Console TV Game Player...

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Ships From

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Plug Type


Wi-fi: YES

Video Game Controller included: YES

Type of devices: Other

Type: video game consoles

Supporting Language: Japanese,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,Russian,English,Swedish,Polish,Greek,Turkish,Korean,Dutch,Latin American Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese Style,Ukrainiaan

Origin: Mainland China

Function: Save Game Progress

Feature 5: consolas de videojuegos

Feature 4: Wireless Controllers

Feature 3: gamer stick 4k

Feature 2: Dual System Game Console

Feature 1: support for HDMI-compatible

Condition: Support network download games

Category: Video Game Console


Bluetooth-compatible: No



This game console built in 30000/40000 Games, support 4K TV. Support 29 languages, include English/Russian etc. Equipped with two / Four 2.4G gamepad, support up to 1-4 Player at the same time, enjoy the game on the sofa with your family or friends.

Arcade Box Game Console Built-in 30000+/50000 Games

This arcade console support for 1920 x 1080 HDMI high-definition video output. Widely compatible fordisplay screens, projectors, TVs and other equipment, the big screen is clearer.Have been installed 50000 games , Preinstall 50 Emulators, Switch 26 system languages at will, play immediately while arrives.

Video Game Console For Sega Genesis Game

This game console for sega uses a classic game gamepad design! The gamepad with 6 function buttons, superb gaming experience! Support downloading games and saving games. Built-in 1500 classic sega games . This game console supports two players, so much fun!

Item Description

32G: 6000+ games, 10 simulators
64G: 15000+games,20 simulators
128G: 40000+games,50 simulators

2.4G Wireless Retro TV Game Console

All in one game console with preinstalled games contains 50 game systems, there are 40000 games in total. You can switch between different emulators at will, and each emulator is loaded with representative classic games. The console has the latest smart chips built-in, with excellent computing power and fast information recognition capabilities, enough to support the smooth switching and running of many simulators.

Wireless Ergonomic Controller

2.4G wireless controller, high frequency signal transmission. The game operation is smooth, no lag, no delay. The ergonomic design, reasonable size and streamlined body make it more comfortable to hold in your hand.

Android TV & Game Console in 1

Pre-installed video game console built-in 40000+ TV games, which can be played as will without downloading and installing. In addition, this super box can also be switched to the Android TV 7.0 system, you can download APP in this mode, you can also browse news and watch videos on the TV.

Wifi&LAN Jack Connection

This classic video game console supports connection to the network via LAN and Wifi.The console comes with a universal WAN networking interface, and you can watch videos online directly after connecting to the network. In addition, you can also download APP on Google Play, watch videos and browse information on YouTube.


When connecting to wifi, it can be connected to the Internet only when it is a TV box.

Upgrade Game Console

It is the perfect latest TV game console using open source Linux system, and upgrade the S905M chip, which is more powerful, better than RK3326chip, solves the problem of frame loss, and can run 64bit games well. To perfectly meet your needs for image quality and game fluency, it must be value for money.

Support 50+ emulators, built-in 40000+ games

This game stick 4k is pre-install 50+ emulators, built-in more than 40000+games, and with a 128GB TF card, you can download games by yourself (Supports connection to the network via LAN and Wifi to download games). The emulators has NDS/PS1/ PSP/ SFC/ N64/ DS/ MD/ MAME/ GBC/ GBA/ G / FBA/ FC/ NES etc.


When using NDS, screen operation is required, and the burst button in the middle needs to be pressed.

Support HD 4K Output Is More High Definition.

Plug-and-play game console, you only need to connect the HD game box and the TV and you can see the corresponding game page on the TV. HDMI-compatible high-definition cable, 4K output, the game image is clearer. Then you just plug in the signal receiver and you can start playing the game.

2 in-1 Game Box

This TV game box is both a video game console and an Android TV system. You can not only play a ton of games, but also use this game machine to open the Android 7.0 system, which you can download the APP on Google play, and watch YouTube videos on TV.

Game box details

Product list

1X Game Box
2X Wireless Controllers
1X TV Remote
1X HDMI cable
1X SD card
1X Charger(US/EU)
1X Manual
1X Receiver
1X Retail box(optional)


Q: Does the joystick have a vibration function?
A: No, the joystick don't have vibration .

Q: Why does a green screen appear after the TV is turned on?
A: Dear friend, it may be that the SD card is damaged. You can leave a message to communicate with our customer service, and we will provide you with a solution.

Q: Some games cannot be opened or the games are stuck?
A: Dear friends, the game consoles are all emulators by default, but some games may not be compatible with the emulator, which will lead to the inability to enter the game, or the game is very lagging, and can not be played at all.
This problem needs to be solved by replacing the emulator. There are many emulators. If the emulator still cannot be opened, replace the other emulator until it can be used.

Q: Can't enter the game interface, keep on the game page?
A: Dear friends, the reason why the machine can’t access the game interface is that the TF card is not read. You can ask our customer service for the software installation package and operation video.
You can put the file on the TF card, then don’t insert the card, turn on the set-top box, enter the set-top box interface, insert the TF card, as shown in the video operation, install the software (the software used to switch to the SD card on the set-top box interface). After the installation is complete, open that software and it will jump to the game console interface.

Q: Why can't the remote control be operated on the game page?
A: Dear friends, the remote control cannot be used in the game interface. If you want to use the remote control, you need to unplug the sd card from the host, and then use it on the set-top box page.

Q: How to quit the game?
A: Just press and hold "select "and "start" on the controller to exit the game.

Q: Why after selecting a game, the joystick does not work and the screen appears green color?
A: The game card may be damaged, we suggest you contact us to copy the card content or we will replace the game card for you.

Q: Why does the remote control not work?
A: The remote control can only control the tv box of the TV in the non-game page (without inserting the sd card). If you insert the game console and the sd card, it will automatically switch to the game page, and the remote control cannot be used normally! Game pages can only be controlled with a gamepad.

Q: Why can't the game console appears due to loading, black screen and other phenomena?
A: In general, it is because the SD card is not inserted properly. We recommend that you pull out the SD card, reinsert it, and the charging will work normally.

Q: Does this game console support YOUTUBE?
A: Yes, dear friend, this game console only supports YOUTUBE.