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TESmart KVM Switch 3 Monitors 4 Computers 4K@60Hz 4:4:4, Support 3 USB Peripherals, 2 Audio Out, Mechanical, Multimedia Keyboard

TESmart KVM Switch 3 Monitors 4 Computers 4K@60Hz...

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Type: KVM Switches

Resolution: 3840x2160@60Hz 4:4:4

Output: HDMI

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: HKS0403A1U

Input: HDMI

Data rate: 18 Gbps

Color: Black

Chasing material: Aluminum Alloy

Certification: UL

Certification: CE

Certification: WEEE

Certification: KC

Certification: pse

Certification: RoHS

Certification: FCC

Brand Name: TESmart

Application: PC

Application: Switch

Application: xbox

Application: PS4/3

Application: TV

Application: Display

TESmart 3 Monitor HDMI KVM Switch

TESmart triple KVM switch is a professional grade triple screen KVM switch delivering ultimate flexibility for users who wish to share 1 keyboard, mouse, 3 4k resolution screen and 3 modern USB peripherals between 4 computers (each with 3 HDMI video outputs). The KVM Switch optimizes your desktop so you can effortlessly manage a triple-display multimedia workstation.


  • Triple monitor KVM creates extended computer desktop for better multitasking.

  • Triple Monitor KVM Switch HDMI Supports resolution up to 3840x2160 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 and downward compatible.Support 3D, HDR, HDCP and Dolby Vision.

  • With EDID emulators in each input port, keep PCs always have correct information, prevent displays setting change while switching inputs.

  • LCD display for easy-to-read operation. For all its advanced features . HKS0403 is still no driver plug play , and enjoy high privacy with locked KVM audio and USB.

  • Useing a built-in keyboard andmouse emulation for silky smoothness to any mouse scenaro while you are switching , clicking , or even rolling.

  • Please reach out for support if you encounter video or keyboard and mouse compatibility problems and we will try online product firmware upgrades for you.

Unique Selling Point

Easily Switch Between Work and Entertainment

In addition to connecting laptops/desktops/computers/PCs, it can also work with PS/Xbox/media box, etc., and easily switch between work and entertainment at any time.

Work with MST Triple Monitor Docking Station

Don't worry about not having enough ports on Laptops. You can match the MST docking station with 3 outputs to achieve triple monitor function. Make sure to use reliable adapters if needed to avoid display issue.

One-Touch Locking to Protect Your Private Information

To lock all displays, you just press the Lock button to lock the KVM with one click to protect your private information when you temporarily leave your desk, without having to lock the monitors one by one. After locking, all displays will be off, all buttons will be invalid.

Lock L/R Audio and USB Focus Function

The 3 screen 4 computer kvm switch supports locking L/R audio and USB 2.0 focus. After the lock is turned on, the current audio or USB focus can be maintained and only the screen can be switched when switching.

4 PCs Share 3 USB 2.0 Peripherals

3 additional USB 2.0 peripheral such as an external hard drive, thumb drive, printer, or webcam eliminating duplicate peripheral costs and offering the convenience of sharing stored data between PCs.

5 Advanced Switching Modes

Support IR signals, front panel buttons, keyboard hot keys and RS232 commands to switch input ports. Auto scan with adjustable interval for monitoring and testing.

Installation Diagram (Make sure cable connections is correct for each input device)


  • Switch 3 displays, mouse, keyboard and 3 USB peripheral between 4 PCs and help save cost and work space.

  • Financial/banking and trading workstations with multiple monitors.

  • Graphic design and multimedia production applications.

  • High resolution medical imaging with multiple displays.

  • Great for CAD/CAM operators using multiple monitor systems.

  • Used in fast-paced control room and call center scenarios where multiple systems still need to be accessed from one console.