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Tp-link network switch 2.5g switch ethernet 8-port 2500mbps 2.5gbps switch RJ45 switch TL-SH1008 Plug and play

Tp-link network switch 2.5g switch ethernet 8-port 2500mbps...

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VLAN: no

Transmission Rate: 10/100/1000Mbps

Technical Standard: IEEE 802.3 IEEE802.3u IEEE 802.3ab IEEE 802.3bz IEEE 802.3x

Switch Type: Gigabit Switch

Switch Capacity: 16K

Properties: Support 16K MAC address table depth,store and forward

Ports: 8 *2500Mbps

Plug Type: US plug

Package: No

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Interfaces: 7

Model Number: TL-SH1008

LxWxH: 226*131*35mm

Input Power: 12V-1.5A

Indicator light: Left Green :2.5G ,Right Green: 1G,Yellow :100M

Function: QoS

Communication Mode: Full-Duplex & Half-Duplex

Brand Name: TP-LINK

Home router choice:

1.Choose according to broadband:You can choose a 100M port router for broadband below 100M;Please use the gigabit port version router for broadband over 100M.

2.Choose according to area:You can choose a general router below 200 square meters;For multi-storey villas of more than 200 square meters, please choose the easy version router.

Precautions for network camera selection

1. Indoor cameras generally have a power supply.

2. Outdoor cameras generally do not have a power supply.

Camera APP registration:

When registering the camera, please use email to register. The specific operations are as follows:

1. Click on new user registration

2. Do not select mobile phone registration, please choose other

3. Register by email.

2.5Gbps Ethernet switch TL-SH1008

>Provide 8 2.5Gbps network ports
>All ports have wire-speed forwarding capability
>Plug and play, no configuration required
>Support IEEE 802.3ab, 802.3bz standards

product description

TL-SH1008 is a full 2.5Gbps Ethernet switch, providing 8 2.5G RJ45 ports, all ports support wire-speed forwarding, plug and play.
>Port performance provides 8 2.5Gbps RJ45 ports; Adopts store-and-forward mechanism, internal high-capacity cache, all ports can realize 2.5Gbps non-blocking wire-speed forwarding.
>Stable and reliable mainframe with low power consumption design, natural heat dissipation in all steel shell, to ensure long-term stable operation of the product
>Easy to use, plug and play, no management; dynamic LED indicator, providing simple working status prompt and troubleshooting.


1>Technical standards IEEE 802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3bz, IEEE 802.3x
2>Port 8 2.5Gbps network ports
3>Indicator Link/Act: The green indicator on the left indicates that the port works at 2.5G Speed; the green indicator on the right indicates that the port is working at 1G speed; the yellow indicator is working at 100M speed. Power: Power indicator
4>Performance storage and forwarding supports 16K MAC address table depth
5>Use environment working temperature: 0℃~40℃ storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃ Working humidity: 10%~90%RH non-condensing Storage humidity: 5%~90%RH non-condensing
6>Input power 12VDC/1.5A
7>Shell size (L×W×H) 226mm x 131mm x 35mm

|200007763:201336100;14:29#With CN Plug|200007763:201336100;14:173#Add EU Plug|3256802945546394-China-With CN Plug|3256802945546394-China-Add EU Plug
Tp-link network switch 2.5g switch ethernet 8-port 2500mbps 2.5gbps switch RJ45 switch TL-SH1008 Plug and play Prezzo scontato$169.98 Prezzo $184.99